Family Business

From clogs to clogs in three generations” is an expression frequently used to describe the lifespan of a family business; businesses which grow and contract with the changing dynamics of the family. The success of a business family can be attributed to its ability to manage sensitive and complex issues, particularly during the transition between generations. These issues can often be ignored for fear of rocking the boat or upsetting other family members.

If a family dispute escalates and family members become entrenched, then I can work with the family members to create space and time to slow the pace of conflict and to hear what people are really saying, working towards the best resolution for the family and the business.

I am a fourth-generation family business owner.  This personal history means I have an innate understanding of the complex dynamics within a family business.  I know the tensions of operating within a family business, both for the family members and for unrelated employees.  I keep the family business tradition alive, work in partnership with my sister.  Together we help family business owners, leaders and network partners to understand the complex dynamics and potential flash points within a family business.

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“Rachel’s strength is in providing interactions which address the difficult and often unspoken issues”

Claire Seddon, Distribution Centre Manager, Lakeland

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