Dispute Resolutions

Dispute Resolution is often a business critical situation.  Conflict fuels performance, it is therefore important that businesses get conflict to work for them.  When tensions mount I help to resolve conflicts quickly and confidentially, thereby saving money and keeping professional relationships on track.

Workplace mediation is voluntary, informal and confidential. It normally takes place within a day.

I run tailored workshops, giving managers the skills and confidence to effectively resolve disputes. I work in three areas: Prevention – training managers to nip issues in the bud, Early Intervention – working one to one with the manager who may have to deal with more sensitive issues and Mediation – working with parties to reach a resolution before you incur big legal bills


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“Rachel’s strength is in recognising different personalities within a team and mediating across all those different, sometimes difficult, relationships to ensure the team is functioning at its best.”

Samm Swain, Buying and Merchandising Director, Lakeland

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