Dispute Resolutions

Dispute Resolution is often a business critical situation.  Conflict fuels performance, it is therefore important that businesses get conflict to work for them.  When tensions mount I help to resolve conflicts quickly and confidentially, thereby saving money and keeping professional relationships on track.

Workplace mediation is voluntary, informal and confidential. It normally takes place within a day.

I run tailored workshops, giving managers the skills and confidence to effectively resolve disputes. I work in three areas: Prevention – training managers to nip issues in the bud, Early Intervention – working one to one with the manager who may have to deal with more sensitive issues and Mediation – working with parties to reach a resolution before you incur big legal bills.


I have experience resolving disputes and mediating a range of conflicts including:

  • Senior Consultants within an NHS Trust
  • Dysfunctional Senior Leadership team of a Health and Social Care Consultancy
  • Senior team of a charitable hospice
  • Members of the Board of an engineering specialist, working within Health and Safety

Typically, the mediations I am asked to manage are referred to me via Employment Partners from a range of law firms who have been unable to resolve the issues with their in-house mediation specialists.  Typically, these conflicts are time-sensitive, complex and involve senior members of the organisation.  I look to reach the best outcome for both the business and individuals involved. This can include helping directors leave the company if the fit is not right.

Bullying and harassment in the workplace

Bullying and harassment are subjects up for discussion in all aspects of society today. What was once ignored is now not to be tolerated.

Bullying and harassment can take time to be recognised. These unwanted behaviours can be subtle, and become so embedded within the culture of the organisation that they remain undetected until incidents surface.

For HR departments, incidents of harassment and bullying can be difficult to identify and to handle: it is complex. What may initially appear to be an isolated incident can often be more systemic; if we look below the surface it is often evident within the very culture and structure of the organisation.

Recognising bullying in the workplace
Harassment can be defined as unwanted behaviour of an offensive nature, which leads the recipient feeling intimidated or humiliated, if this behaviour is repeated it is defined as bullying. These behaviours may be subtle or overt and can include belittling language, being deliberately excluded or ignored, being overloaded or micro managed, having work sabotaged, or receiving personal criticism both privately or publicly.

The impact on the workplace
Bullying in the workplace leads to an unproductive workforce. It is a downward spiral and eventually good people will be given no option other than to leave the organisation. For those who stay, the impact of these behaviours can range significantly. Although they may develop strategies to cope, they may be afraid to speak up for fear of reprisal. This can result in a loss of motivation and creativity for staff, a reduction of collaborative and innovative input for the business and potential loss of revenue.

Help is available
I work in partnership with Dr Sheila White – an academic specialist in the field of workplace bullying – to sensitively and confidentially investigate the systemic themes associated with bullying and harassment in organisations. We have worked in both the public and private sectors, for small and large organisations to help them understand how they can best deal with bullying or harassment in their workplace.

We hold semi-structured confidential conversations, asking participants about their experience of bullying, what they have observed in others and how the organisation deals with the situation. By understanding individual experiences across the organisation and using our expertise, we identify the root causes and offer recommendations and strategies for more inclusive and collaborative working practices.

By acting decisively to tackle bullying and harassment, leaders can better understand the barriers to creating a productive workforce. In a post-pandemic world and given the priorities of a Gen Z younger workforce it is imperative that business leaders ensure their workplaces are safe and encourage their workforce to thrive.


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“Rachel’s strength is in recognising different personalities within a team and mediating across all those different, sometimes difficult, relationships to ensure the team is functioning at its best.”

Samm Swain, Buying and Merchandising Director, Lakeland

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