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Resolving conflict virtually.

Resolving conflict takes time; it is distracting, distressing and drains resources. The temptation, as we move to more remote working patterns, is to not deal with it; why rock the boat when we don’t need to see people anyway? Wrong! The tensions don’t go away, they just simmer under the surface, waiting to boil over during a team Zoom call.

Having the skills to deal with conflict are as essential now as they ever were. Spotting and dealing with issues early will have a positive impact on employee wellbeing, motivation and therefore the business’s bottom line.

As we adapt to our more virtual and socially distanced workplaces, I have applied my skillset to develop a tailored course, offering a practical grounding in mediating and managing conflict. These are essential skills required to resolve conflict at work.

The course is aimed at business leaders and HR professionals who are managing teams remotely.

During the course you will learn:

• The difference between mediation and other approaches to resolving disputes, virtually and face to face
• How to use a step by step mediation model, used by professional mediators
• How to deal with resistance, remain impartial and maintain confidentiality
• How to use these key skills effectively before, during and beyond the mediation

If this is something you would be interested to hear more about then do get in touch.