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Resolving disputes, developing leaders and coaching people through change is now relevant more than ever.  We just need to do it in different ways.  I have developed a range of strategies to ensure I can continue to serve my clients through lockdown and as we transition back into the workplace.  We can work together, either virtually or in person.

Secure virtual meeting place

I will continue to work with my clients on their preferred virtual platforms

When setting up virtual meetings I always ensure I follow the latest security protocols

Outdoor office

Increasingly clients are asking to meet outside. Walking and talking is becoming a welcome alternative particularly as screen fatigue is beginning to emerge.

With the Lake District on the doorstep there are a range of low level, easily accessible walks which tick the risk assessment boxes. We can easily social distance and there is no need to wear face coverings, unless preferred.

I always carry hand sanitiser with me and I recommend my clients also bring their own hand sanitiser.

I recommend clients bring their own refreshments and waterproofs, and a comfy pair of shoes

Rachel’s office – Highgate House, Kendal

* On arrival and when leaving Highgate House all visitors are asked to sign the register at the main door. This is a log to track movement in and out of the building

Hand sanitiser is available in multiple locations throughout the building

* The office space is ventilated and frequently sanitised, for example door handles and chairs

* There is a limit of one client per visit to ensure social distancing is possible. Where two clients are present, for example during a mediation, alternative premises may need to be considered

* Face coverings to be worn at your request

* I recommend clients bring their own flask of tea or coffee. I’ll provide the chocolate biscuits which are individually wrapped

* Toilet facilities are provided and regularly cleaned

* Prior to meeting, if I develop symptoms or my client develops symptoms we will postpone until it is safe to meet face to face or switch to a virtual platform

Your office premises or preferred venue

* Where remote options are not possible, I will travel to my client’s office or preferred venue

* I carry a COVID-19 travel kit which includes a change of face covering, hand sanitiser and a thermometer

* Prior to visiting my client’s office, I will take my temperature and postpone the meeting should I have a temperature or other symptoms of COVID-19

* I will comply with the COVID–19 risk assessment for each business premises I enter

* Training sessions will be capped at 5 delegates per session