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I was following an online conversation last week that was so challenging it made me burn my toast!  Challenging conversations in the workplace are my bread and butter, but there is a national conversation taking place at the moment which isn’t always easy to read.  The hashtags #NotAllMen and #NotAllMenButAllWomen demonstrate how polarised the discussions have become.

Putting my two-penneth in, I support these conversations. I think it is important to highlight the issues raised and to talk about how we might improve the situation.  However, I would encourage the discussion to be inclusive of all people who are perceived as being more vulnerable and are therefore perceived as potential targets. With all we have been through over the last twelve months, the time is right to have these difficult and different conversations, but we must be open and honest about all those who are vulnerable in our society, and work towards making our homes, streets, towns and cities safe for everyone.

Now, some of you may find that statement provocative. I’d welcome a robust discussion to understand your point of view. For me, challenging conversations are a good thing, whether they take place at home or in the workplace. The important thing is to not ignore the situation and hope it will go away. It won’t!